To attend the pre-conference workshops, please contact directly the workshops' organisers.

  • Introduction to Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis for Ecological Data using WinBUGS, 29-30 June 2014, program here

The inscriptions are closed for this workshop.

  • Multivariate statistics, 29-30 June, program here

More details on the workshop website:

Contact Stéphane Dray at stephane_dot_dray_at_univ_dash_lyon1_dot_fr

  • ADMB, 29-30 June, program here

Contact Mollie Brooks, Anders Nielsen and Hans Skaug at Hans_dot_Skaug_at_math_dot_uib_dot_no

  • INLA, 28 June, program here

Contact Janine Illian and Havard Rue at janine_dot_illian95_at_gmail_dot_com

  • Spatially-explicit capture-recapture models, 28-30 June.

More details on the workshop website:

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